Wood and Laminate Inspection
                  for IICRC certification,
                   possible NWFA certification




                      Both prestigious certifications are possible.  

The NWFA inspection certification exam will be administered to all interested and qualified students after the IICRC exam. NWFA requires 3 years installation experience or completion of NWFA installation course to qualify to take the NWFA exam.


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   This class covers all aspects of wood inspection.
  • Analyzing installations, recognizing installation errors, coatings and finishing.
  • Understanding the effect of wood characteristics, harvesting, drying and milling. 
  • Sort out and identify maintenance and site related issues.
  • Collect evidence and document problems to support your conclusion and bring about a speedy resolution.
  • All types of wood are covered including solid hard woods, engineered wood and laminate flooring.

Wood and wood related floor coverings are a growing segment of the flooring market. As these products develop and change, there is a great need for qualified inspectors who can identify problems and cures.

Who designed this class?
In response, industry experts in laminates, various hardwoods, engineered woods and wood products have worked together to identify the information that should be included in a course such as this.

Who Needs this Class?
This is for anyone involved with the manufacture, maintenance, installation, selling, design or inspection of wood and wood related floor coverings. A background in wood installation is very helpful.



More about the course...
Problems with moisture, movement, contamination, alkalinity, fastener slippage, maintenance, manufacturing, design, expansion and contraction, levelness and support are covered from the bottom up.

Testing, both on-site and in the lab, analysis, documentation and photography are discussed.

The supply of qualified inspectors in this area is Limited!!!
Manufacturers are asking for these qualifications NOW. You will be of great value to the wood industry if you understand these issues.


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