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Repair and Reinstallation
This covers special remedies for a variety of carpet problems. Several different kinds of bond insert and patching techniques, special tips on reburling and retufting, surgical spotting,
shearing as well as basic installation advice and techniques. The class is largely hands-on and very practical. This is approved for IICRC certification as a Repair and Reinstallation Technician. RRT is a prerequisite for the Senior Inspector Course (R1 or R2s from CFI have already met this requirement).

Carpet Cleaning Technician
This is all about carpet. Carpet construction, dyeing, fiber types and fiber identification. A thorough review of maintenance issues including spotting and cleaning chemistry, detergency, topical treatments such as soil retardants and anti-microbials and well as all carpet cleaning methods and special techniques are covered. This meets the requirements for IICRC certification as a Carpet Cleaning Technician, a prerequisite for the Senior Inspector's Course. Offered immediately before Senior Inspectors course.

Upholstery Cleaning Technician All aspects of upholstery cleaning. Fabric construction and fiber identification. Solvent and water based cleaning.

Color Repair Carpet and fabric dyeing. Color mixing, Bleaching. Applying and matching color. Color theory. Learn to spot dye and air brush application.

Water Damage Restoration
How to safely dry out flood and water damage situations. All aspects of cleaning, dehumidification and restoration as well as customer relations, marketing and follow up care.

Odor Control Technician Comprehensive
procedures for correction and control of odors.
Learn to handle the most tenacious odors.

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