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A special preview of

"Wicking is wicked"

Three courses are available for CEC credits. All are designed to extend your knowledge of topics that contribute to carpet cleaning excellence. Each course qualifies for one CEC credit.


There is no need to take them in any particular order. Just pick a topic that you would like to learn more about and dig in!

Course #1

Carpet Construction covers:

  • Woven Carpet

  • Tufted Carpet

  • Yarns and Fibers

  • Identifying Fibers

  • Natural Fibers

  • Synthetic Fibers

  • Carpet Dyeing

  • Carpet Installation

Course #2

Cleaning Science covers:

  • Soil what makes it go into solution, where does it accumulate, what's in there anyway?

  • Vacuuming how to make it work for you

  • Detergents and solutions, how detergent works, what you can do to make it work better

  • Builders

  • pH, the chemistry of soils, foods and how to work it out

  • Cleaning methods

  • Cleaning chemicals

Course #3

Spotting and Finishing covers:

  • Spotting Solutions

  • Spotting tools

  • Spotting Demonstrations

  • Topical Treatments

  • Safety

  • Interacting with the Consumer

  • Spotting videos not only show how to remove particular spots but also demonstrate combinations of spotting techniques that minimize time spent and maximize almost magical results. 

Cost $70/unit .  One unit per course. Three courses available.


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Our online school contains a library, an online glossary, free navigation and the ability to chat and discuss questions with us and with others at all times. Each course is interactive, contains short videos and animations with short learning quizzes so you can test yourself.



Each course is only $70.


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