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The  Online 

carpet cleaning

technician course

This intensely interactive class is designed

to work for everybody!

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Learn in your own time, in your own way...

            Everyone is different. In traditional classes, it isn’t possible to teach in a way  that suits each individual.   

     In the e-world, special needs are no problem. You can choose the options that are right for you.

Ron and Libby, the course creators

Movies, sound, pictures and animations show how cleaning actually happens… and show you what gets in your way.

On demand sound You can listen or read through the interactive text.


Way more information In the online format we are able to show you far more than we could ever incorporate into a traditional onsite class.

Spotting videos not only show how to remove particular spots but also demonstrate combinations of spotting techniques that minimize time spent and maximize almost magical results. 


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Phone: 209-869-5994

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