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Substrate & Sub-Floor Instructors

The Instructors Howard Kenare and Libby Longstreth combine their expertise to create rare access to the technical secretes of both wood and concrete. Hands-on and tours of manufacturing plants are included where possible.

Howard Kenare our quest instructor is an international expert on concrete and concrete floor problems. He currently works for Concrete Technical Laboratories as a principle scientist and manager of materials testing and analysis. Howard is a sought after speaker, accustomed to teaching the technical aspects of concrete substrate problems. He is familiar with all aspects of floor testing and substrate related failures under all types of floor coverings. His background gives him a comprehensive knowledge of testing and detection techniques.
Libby is bragged about elsewhere.

The class uses an overall manual as well as many supplementary manuals. This subject is large and new to most people in floor covering.

It is highly recommended that you sign up ahead for this class so that you can receive early study materials.

These will greatly help your understanding of the material and give you a head start.




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