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Substrate & Sub-Floor Inspection
(for IICRC: Sub floor Introduction)

This class reviews manufacture and installation of both concrete and wood substrates as well as the substrate requirements and interactions with laminates, resilient, ceramic, stone, poured coatings, hardwood and carpet floor systems.

Changes in adhesives and floor covering components have made all floor coverings more substrate-sensitive.

In response, industry experts in laminates, resilient, ceramic, stone, hardwood and poured floors were all involved in developing this certification through the IICRC.

Who Needs this Class
This is for anyone involved with the manufacture, maintenance, installation, selling, design or inspection of hard surface floor coverings.

What does this class cover
The interaction of the whole floor covering system involves contributions from adhesives, patching compounds and sealers to the floor system.
Problems with moisture, movement, contamination, alkalinity, fastener slippage, maintenance, manufacturing, design, expansion and contraction, levelness and support are covered from the bottom up.
Testing, both on-site and in the lab, analysis, documentation and photography are discussed.

Tours and hands on interaction as much as possible.

The supply of qualified inspectors in this area is Limited!!!
Manufacturers are asking for these qualifications NOW. You can really be of value to your industry if you understand these issues

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